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Leveraging the vertical space in your garage is a great way to get your garage organised and make room on your garage floor. For example, hang tools on the wall instead of having a large container taking up valuable garage floor space. There is a variety of shelving, racks, or hanging options available. Below we will share 5 garage storage idea.   Metal Standards and Brackets Metal standards and brackets probably don't qualify as a formal wall system, but they nonetheless offer terrific low-cost shelving. In a garage with unfinished walls, the standards can be attached directly to exposed studs. You can put shelves as high and as low as you like on the wall, and you can run them from one end of a wall to the other.   Pegboard Pegboard (perforated hardboard) is available at home retailers (Bunnings / Mitre 10).

Even if your garage isn't this big - or this empty - it still has plenty of potential. Could you turn it into a totally different space? Does it seem like you aren't using your garage to its full potential? Could you just as easily keep the car in the driveway and the mower in the garden shed? Why not convert it into a space you and your family would really love? If you're thinking of tackling a garage renovation, we've got a few  ideas on how to transform your space. Before you go too far, consider the shape and location of your garage. Careful planning is a must, say builders and designers. Also, if you live in a part of the country that gets snow in the winter, have a good long think about the reality of an early morning spent shovelling your

New Zealanders are big fans of pets, with more than half (58%) of Kiwis owning at least one cat and/or dog. With these high levels of pet ownership it is inevitable that most pet owners will encounter some pet related “spills” on their carpet from time to time. How to avoid Doggy toilet “accidents” Puppies are notorious for accidents inside which makes it crucial to start toilet training from the day they arrive. The basics involve ensuring they are set up to succeed. This is done by taking them outside often (every 30-45mins), through the same door each time and to the same spot on the grass. This familiarizes them with where to go when they need to get out of the house (i.e. they can bark or wait at the door), there is a reassuring smell where they feel comfortable and not intimidated to toilet and they can

Did you know NZ is in the top 5 countries for vehicles per capita? It is safe to say that in this day and age nearly everyone owns a car (or two) and most people have a home with a garage. If you hadn’t heard of garage carpet until now, it’s a carpet that has been designed using synthetic fibres to ensure it is highly durable, resistant to wear and tear and repels moisture. The numerous benefits of garage carpet not only add value to your home but they create a larger living space as well. The garage can become an extension of your home instead of being a room of the house you usually close the door on. KIDS, OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND

Like death and taxes, emptying out, and then actually cleaning the garage is an inevitable part of life. Clutter in the garage tends to grow and expand until it fills all the space in the garage. Clutter tends to multiply and split like cells in the body splitting.  Although in the case of a garage, the only thing that may actually split is the walls! THE BEGINNING How do we start work on a messy garage? Start by taking everything out. I mean it, take out everything. A proper clean involves ceiling, floor and walls. The most important of garage cleaning tips; remove all items stored in your garage and start organising them into piles. It’s important to determine what you must keep and what should be thrown out or sold. WHAT NOW? Once you've removed every possible object in the garage that was not bolted