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We come across garages of all shapes and sizes but the common theme amongst them all is they are a well over used storage area that often becomes a dumping ground. Here's our ten step programme to help you declutter your garage and make it a more useable space: Ingredients: Rubbish Bags Marker Pen Drink (alcoholic if its after 12pm and you're not driving to the dump!) Snacks (unhealthier the better, you're going to burn loads of calories) Radio or stereo with some great tunes Trailer or skip (optional) Storage containers Broom Mates (optional but highly recommended) Steps: 1) Choose a fine day with no rain forecast (impossible if you live in Auckland right?!) 2) Move everything out of the garage and create piles outside with signs (ie Dump, Charity, Mum and Dad's house etc) 3) Ring your kids and tell them they have 2 hours to collect all the stuff you've been storing at